We ship from Johannesburg, South Africa. We try to pack and send on the same day as payment is recieved, or possibly the day after (excluding weekends and public holidays). Shipping is via super fast DHL express by default (often as quick as 2 days worldwide delivery, depending on the time the package takes to clear customs).

Cost of shipping is all automatically calculated by the system according to the total weight of your items and your final delivery address according to my negotiated rates on the DHL server via the DHL API.

Due to the volumes we move, I have been able to negotiate DHL rates that are cheaper than regular email . The cheaper surface mail option is available on request but it is NOT recommended (a minimum of 3 months delivery time and insurance isn’t an option). We are proud to have negotiated the best possible international shipping rates and we never inflate the cost of shipping in any way.

We are happy to consolidate auctions wins into one single package for you and even combine with orders from my other bulk/wholesale websites since the per kilo price of shipping is much lower on one large package than on several smaller ones.

As a very rough rule of thumb for orders to the USA, the first kilogram (2.2 lbs) will cost about $18 and each successive kilogram will be come progessivly cheaper according to a sliding scale to around $10 per kilogram at the 40 kilogram mark. I also get a further discount on orders over 50 kilograms which is why I highly recommend consolidating orders across my sites into a single shipment (See below for details on how to do this).

Shipping will also vary slightly due to changes in the international currency exchange rates (in real time) and the DHL fuel surcharge which changes on a monthly basis.

Should you wish to consolidate orders, just use “airship” as a coupon code when paying. This will generate a “free” shipping option for you and we will manually calculate the cost of shipping for you and bill you via PayPal when you are ready for us to pack and send. This coupon code also works on my other sites at and

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