About Us

I started dealing in minerals and crystals in about 1997 working for a friend who was (and still is) a dealer back then, and started my own business in around 2004. Rocks have been my full time gig ever since, minus a bleak period in the late 2000’s where, due to the international financial crisis, I had to get a job in the corporate world.

Jimmy Crabb Minerals Pty ltd has been trading in it’s current form since about 2013 and I have mainly been involved in wholesaleing minerals and crystals directly from the mines in Southern and Central Africa via my website at http://www.absolutequartzcrystals.com and http://www.amazonite.com

Despite successfully processing large quantities over the years, there are always “those” specimens that are super good and I can’t pass up – even though they are too expensive at the mine source so sell at wholesale prices. I have tried a few other platforms such as ebay to sell these items, but due to the time, expense and headaches that these platforms bring, I finally decided to develop my own auction site in order to showcase and maybe even sell some of my my higher end and more unusual specimens.

As a wholesaler primarily, I consider helping my customers to move thier stock as part of my job. The more my customers sell, the more they will need to repurchase from me 🙂 As such – once this site reaches an acceptable level of success, I will open it up and allow friends and customers to list thier own items for auction for a very nominal fee.

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