Pimp my rocks – earn $$$ (or double value in rocks 🙂

So how does this work? Simply sign up as an afilliate using the form below and you will be assigned a special link. Promote that link to all the rock lovers you know via your social profiles, email, banners on your website or blog or anything else and I will pay you for every sale you generate.

Not just once off – I will pay you every time a customer returns and makes a purchase for life! If a customer follows your link and registers on this website to place a bid, they will be permanently associated with you in the database and you will get paid a percentage of every purchase they ever make!

I will make payouts on the last working day of every month via PayPal or, if you prefer, I will send you a voucher code for double the value that you can redeem on either of my wholesale mineral and crystal websites.

Imagine if earn $500 in commissions. You could take $500 in cash or $1000 value in wholesale minerals and crystals which you can re-sell for $2000 – $4000. You could even auction them right here on this site if you register as a vendor!

Sign up right now and I’ll give you some tips and tricks to maximise your income.

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